For the past few days, I have followed and participated in a social network called Twitter. It’s a site for individuals to communicate with family and friends, as well as networking and exchange ideas. If you have a question then someone out there will answer.


At first I was clueless about how to work the site. People are followers and followed. So what does that mean exactly? Following individuals mean that you receive his or her updates as they post them and the same goes for when people are being followed.  Searching for people became a task in it self, but responding directly to a persons post without letting the entire twitter world known was down right frustrating. This definitely was not my typical facebooking on social network site Facebook.


After cruising through the site for a couple of hours, I begin to follow five people from a list my professor suggested. Among this list was GM blogs (General Motors blogs). GM posts information about the company, ask questions, and answer any questions individuals may have. GM also provides links to vehicles they are working on, videos, etc. It was quite interesting to see how they have revolutionized over the years.


As days went by, I begin to learn more about the network each time I logged on. Many of my peers and I would ask our professor, an avid tweeter, about how to use the site. Before I knew it I was mastering every aspect of the network. Twitter is a great way to get to know other people in your field of expertise and those who share common interests.