Greame D. Sterne recently wrote an article based on public relation in New Zealand. The article entailed the different aspects of PR and the variety of hats professionals wear as well as the problems that practitioners face within a company.  I learned the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with senior partners along with a good reputation for the department as well as ones self.

            Senior managers of New Zealand define public relations as ‘gaining media publicity’ and believed that good coverage is good PR. Sterne finds this kind of ideology associated with event management, launches, marketing PR, promotion of personalities and media management in times of crisis. Consultants should work to reinforce advocacy of their role and delivery value to managers and other departments of the company who may not understand what public relations practitioners do. “A local model of PR should be articulated.” (Sterne, 12, 2008) Another interesting fact I learned is that New Zealand public relations is characterized by five ‘I’s: integrative, integrity based, interactive, incorporative, and interpretive.

To my surprise, I discovered that 57 percent of participants in the study reported that PR reports to marketing. (Sterne, 4, 2008) Not only was I shocked with that notion but I became rather flustered and agitated that some of the participants said that their CEO does not believe in PR. This nation suffers from the influences of spin doctoring and negative media coverage of high profile practitioners. Senior mangers consider that it is the responsibility of practitioners themselves to change the image of the profession by better practice and marketing.

After reading the journal, I would like to study other public relation systems on an international level such as the African, Asian, or European sectors. It would be interesting to research the successes and problems that many practitioners face in other parts of the globe. I believe we can learn from each others victories and misfortunes and use the knowledge to teach future generations, who will come to embrace this unique field.

This article identifies the impact that public relation consultants have on their company. Over the last couple of week, I have researched CVS/Caremark pharmacy. The company takes pride in helping their clients as well as each other through team work. In the article it expresses the importance of work as a team with the marketing department for those companies who comprise both PR and marketing. If members of the round table of management that includes a PR set or simply all employee that make up the corporation are unable to work with each other the customers and clients are the one who have the most to lose. The article indicates to corporations that good PR use listening, understanding issues, distilling key points as well as having a good understanding of business or have a background history in business. It also shows that if CVS decides to branch out into the international waters of Asia, the problems that they face in the states will not be the same there. Not only is the culture different, but so is the target market. The company will have to research the demographic in order to be successful.




Sterne G. 2008. Public Relations Among the Functions of Management A New

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