On your mark! Get ready! Set! Go! Running past the swing, fence, porch, along with the blue ribbon rose bush, the three of us run to the tallest tree in the yard. For Krystle, Adrian, and I, the tree hide us from the rest of the adult world. We could come to this place and drift to our make believe land. Travel to far off lands or go on treasure hunts. Maybe even nail a few robbers while we’re at it. This is what we did every summer over our grandparent’s house.


My grandparents have a huge front and back yard where we would play all day. Sometimes we would even venture out into the woods. Luckily, none of us were ever bitten by snake, spiders, or any other creatures. Every now and then our friend Calvin aka Smokey would come over and play with us. He was so much fun to play with and Adrian enjoyed having another boy around. It seemed like when Smokey came over, we played even harder. My mom would always get so mad with me because I would sweat my freshly premed hair style out.


 Then around mid June early July when it started to get really hot all of my grandfather’s pear trees and plum trees started to bear fruit. Grandfather had the best juiciest pears in the neighborhood. But the plums were taste bud tingeing. They were so mouth watering juicy and sweet. It was like the epiphany of fruit. Even the green ones taste good. My cousins and I had a field day picking all the plums our little hands could carry. But grandpa warned us not to eat or pick any of the green plums because they would make us sick. Being the children we were, we said ok and promised not to pick the plums. But every now and then one of us would sneak a plum if no one was looking.


Those are the summer day I miss! I never really believed my older sister and cousins when they said this. But now I truly understand what it means to miss those tender years of innocence.