As a blogger, it is always good to read and observation other individual’s blogs. I took the intuitive to watch the PR communications blog and culpwrit guiding the career in public relations.

The PR communication blog is maintained by John Cass, a marketer, who writes about corporate blogging, PR, marketing, social media, and the internet. On one of John’s post he talks about E-learning and soft ware release. He talks about ways to navigate messages within the forum Lotus e-learning. This forum had three navigation tabs which are views, search, and forum news. It enables users to view threads through the following: Date (threated), with excerpt, cateory, release, data (flat), author, platform. Search tab gives the user the ability to conduct a search using author, date release platform, short by, word variants, fuzzy search.

Another post talks about observing other forums for ideas for features and communication building. Dell Communication Forums caught the eye of Cass. The forum had potential, but it was over powered by stickies. “Make sure there is a distinction between threads and a sticky is something to think about when selecting messages in your top threads,” Cass said.

Culpwrit guiding the career in public relations talks about Jack O’Dwyer’s Directory of PR Firms.Jack O’Dwyer is extending his offer to send free copies of  “O’Dwyer’s Directory of PR Firms” to the next 50 college seniors and recent graduates who email him.  You MUST  provide a complete address (no post office boxes).  This offer ends Friday, Nov. 14.

This blog also talks about finding jobs in Washington D.C.Individuals interested in a job on Capitol Hill, should start with there own member of Congress.  Find him or her at  Or contact the Member-elect at his or her district campaign office which will be setting up the transition team.  Check with someone in your network who might have contacts in the political party of the winning candidate. 

Culpwrit suggests several Washington-specific job sites that are worth checking out, including  This free site is one of the richest job search tools, covering openings in Washington, D.C. as well as nationally.  One could find more than 21,000 PR job listings.  Moreover, check out the PR listings at DC Job Site.   Opportunities in Public Affairs is an superb site for those looking for more politically oriented positions, it also includes other PR positions. Check the Washington Post classifieds as well. According to this blog one should focus on the free jobs searches.  “There is no need to buy your way into a job–unless you’re running for office,” Ron Culp

I have learned a great deal while observing the blogs. The PR communication blog informs the audience of the latest technology that practitioners can use to enhance their craft. He does a great job informing others how to maintain their social networks. Culpwrit blog gives college students like me advice about finding jobs and information about what we should know before stepping out into the field.