Throughout this semester, I have been researching Fortune 500 company CVS/Caremark, the leading provider of prescriptions and health related services in the nation. Ranking at the number 24 spot, this company prides its self on customer service, after all C.V.S stands for Consumer Value Stores.

 As the company grows, so is its presence among social network sites Facebook, Linked-in and Myspace. The groundswell indicates that a company must listen, talk, energize, support, and embrace social trends.  

CVS/Caremark has a Facebook group page for employees to communicate with each other no matter what corner of the U.S you are apart of. This is a great way for employees to exchange ideas. The company is also apart of  social network site Myspace, this page allows for employees to connect with customers and any question they may have. Linked-in provides members to connect with managers, executives, directors, etc. It truly opens the doors for student speak with potential employers and businesses to interact with the company.


In addition to social network site, CVS/Caremark also has two blogs CVS/Caremark Corporation blogs and CVS/Caremark blog. CVS Caremark Corporation blog focuses on the business aspect of the company from information regarding financial reports to stocks. On the hand, CVS/Caremark blog , focus is on every aspect of the company. One can find coupons, Black Friday deals, their latest projects and ideas, and much more.


It is a little hard to tell if CVS Caremark is benefiting from social network sites Facebook, Myspace and linked-in. The Facebook group was created early November of this year and they only have 16 members. Myspace and linked-in are also relatively new and are a work in progress. But these social networks could allow the company to gain information about what their customers are saying about their services and products and introduce the company to non customers. The site publicizes the company and what it has to offer. The blogs gives CVS Caremark the opportunity to receive feed back on new products and suggestion for new items, services, and products.