Model of PR 

PR practitioners conduct research to determine the views of a particular constituency and then uses that information to help achieve the objectives of both the client , organization, and company. This company uses the two-way symmetric model. CVS Caremark consistently promotes the company and clients. The company aspires to go above and beyond for customers, clients, and colleagues. When individuals walk into a store, representation of the company clients are evident from the Coca-cola company to Nestle’s chocolate.



“Our mission at CVS is to ‘….be the easiest pharmacy for customers to use.’ We are guided toward this important mission by our company values including “Respect for individuals,” “Integrity” and a “Passion for Extraordinary Customer.” (CVS Caremark executive) The company is launching a new concept Beauty 360 which provides prestige beauty products for women on the go. Brands range from skin care, cosmetics, and men’s grooming to fragrance categories. Whatever symptoms one may have CVS Caremark has the brand.



With the economy in a rough, one of the main challenges

facing CVS Caremark is maintaining a sales increase. Consumers are being more money conscious this year and watching where they spend their dollars. The company like many other companies is also seeing a large decrease in stock activity. Overall Caremark is doing pretty well.

 Annual Report 2007
Annual Report 2007