CVS caremark is a place I would like to work. This company believes in helping the customer and taking care of each and everyones needs. However, finding a job in the Public Relations department  may not so easy because the number of jobs avalible are limited. Yet, if I wanted to become apart of the pharmacy team, the number of opportunities is excessivly greater.

Flexiblity in schedual is one aspect of the company that grabed my attention with the company. At some point in my life I would like to have children; so a flexible schedule is needed. Health benefits is a big part of why I like CVS Caremark. The company has health benefits for both full-time and part-time workers. Many individuals across this nation are living without health insurance. Among those individuals , are people who are sick with cancer or some other type of cronic life threating disease or just a common illness that can be handled with the currect treatment. I know what it is like to wonder whether or not health insurance will be avalible for the next year.

Employees receive discounts on products and company brand merchandise. It’s nice a way to help employees save money and invest in the company.