The newsroom of CVS Caremark is well structured for journalist and other individuals who are searching for information about the company. There is a press release link that displays all of the press releases in chronological order from most resent to the oldest. The site also has a feature topic section to inform people about important events, products, corporate information, etc. Recognitionis another link found within the online newsroom. At the moment, there is only one award mentioned in the link. CVS Caremark has received other awards and should be featured in this section of the site as well. Employees maintaing the site must make sure that the information is updated consistently.

One interesting fact I found in the newsroom is the media resources link. This aspect of the site provides photos and news alerts from CVS Caremark. Within the link individuals can find the media library and registration for e-mail alerts and RSS feeds.

Facts by Stateis another link people can use to find out more information about stores, clinics, and centers in their state and surrounding states. Finally individuals will find a media contact link to get in touch with employees heading the communication department. In addition to the links CVS Caremark offer, the media team could create another link for their press kits as well. It would allow the company to send electronic versions to media sources instead of sending physical copies that cost extra money to send out via postal mail services.